Feasibility Study - Nature Education and Discovery Space

Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands (BGCP) have identified four visionary projects that will span the Greater Sydney region, to include the expansion of the Nature Education and Discovery Space at the Parklands. 

The Nature Education and Discovery Space will provide a hands-on creative learning precinct specialising in nature pedagogy. The outdoor classrooms envisioned for the space will allow 'learning' to be held outside, with the sky and nature as a roof, walls and floor. Children of all ages, from diverse backgrounds will be given the opportunity to learn through exploring and experiencing nature away from sitting at a desk, working on a computer, or being immersed in technology. 

 Having secured investment from the NSW Government, the Trust and Centennial Parklands Foundation will be seeking additional philanthropic, corporate and community support to bring this project to life. A Feasibility Study carried out in 2019, involving over 500 participants engaged through e-surveys, focus groups or in-depth face to face interviews, delivered very encouraging results. Over 75% of participants agreed that there was a genuine need for investment in the projects and that they would consider financially supporting the campaign. For Centennial Parklands specifically 42% of participants also said they would open up their network or introduce the Foundation to philanthropic or corporate prospects. Two key areas of importance identified by participants as to why they do/would support the Parklands are: 'To protect the Gardens for future generations' (68%) and for the 'Appreciation of public green spaces for recreation' (79%). The Foundation has responded by including these areas within the soon to be launched Legacy Fund messaging.

Due to the significant evidence of support the recommendation is that BGCP proceed with plans to mobilise a Capital Campaign. We look forward to sharing latest news as we support the Trust in delivering this world-class space for Nature Play within the Parklands.