Introducing the Legacy Fund

Did you know that the Parklands is self-funded, and under intense demand from the community due to increased urbanisation? 

Centennial Parklands is one of the world’s most visited public parklands. Known as ‘the lungs of the city’, this critical green belt in the heart of Sydney provides a vital connection with nature for the physical, mental and social well-being of the community.

Centennial Parklands Foundation is a charitable organisation that exists to protect this free public green space. In repose to the ongoing recurring funding needs of the Parklands, the Foundation is pleased to announce we will be launching the Legacy Fund later this month, with the aim to ensure a sustainable future for your Parklands by raising funds to support:

  • Conservation of vital green space
  • Community health and well-being
  • Nature Education & Environmental Advocacy

An important finding from a recent Feasibility Study conducted in April last year to asses the viability of creating a Nature Education and Discovery Space adjacent to the Ian Potter WILD PLAY Garden, was the lack of awareness regarding the growing need for philanthropic support of the Parklands. The Legacy Fund aims to bridge this gap and deepen the connection between the community and the Parklands.

Look out for the Legacy Fund online and during your park visits for more information on how to show your support!