Thank you to our Giving Circle donors for their generosity, passion and invaluable support.

Patron - Custodians

Susan Maple-Brown
Ruth Armytage AM
Alistair & Kate Champion

Patron - Conservators

Henry Pollack Foundation
Renee Pollack Foundation
Malcolm and Helen Holmes
Michael & Margaret Ahrens

Guardian - Protectors

Daniel Janes

Guardian - Advocates

Adam Liberman
Leah Omar
Trevor Danos AM & Dr Veronica Lambert
Jim and Patricia Jolliffe

Parklands' Supporters

Janet Abernethy-Willis
Ian and Valerie Thom
Tom Vanovac and Mira Joksovic
Elisabeth Foley
Bridget Gay
Phillip Mitchelhill
Cynthia Nadai
Anne Yabsley
Sandi Johnstone
Christopher Keher
Robyn Huttenmeister
Hill Thalis

Parklands' Friends

James Levy
Jess Power
Rebekah Giles

Jo Allwood
Margaret Hargraves
Chris & Tiffany Withers
David Butcher
John Peel
Joy Wennerbom
Wendy Mackay