To create a world-class education facility alongside The Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden, enhancing the Nature Play experience and increasing children’s wellbeing by leveraging off this award winning nature education space.

Currently over 11,000 school children participate annually in Parklands nature education programs. A centre of nature education and discovery will not only significantly increase participation in nature based programs within the Parklands but will also support the development of Nature Play NSW collaborating with state-wide nature based learning and play experiences.


Nature Pedagogy is holistic experiential learning in nature, which offers children self-directed learning experiences. It will provide them with opportunities to build the foundational skills required to face challenges, build physical and mental acuity, solve problems and develop their self-esteem.

A foundational component of Nature Pedagogy is the provision of an outdoor environment and opportunities which allow children to take risks, solve problems and collaborate.


The exciting news is that work is underway to design and build a new home for nature education, discovery and community engagement in Centennial Park. There are exciting opportunities to become involved and support this project.

There is a unique opportunity for a major donor to secure naming rights for the Nature Education Discovery Space and there will also be chances for donor recognition in other areas and for new program development. 


If you would like more information about the upcoming Nature Education Discovery Space in Centennial Park, please contact Centennial Parklands Foundation on (02) 9339 6653 or [email protected]