Another way to create your own living legacy is by remembering the three magnificent parks of Centennial Parklands in your will. 

Sir Henry Parkes had a vision – to create “the people’s park”. At the opening of Centennial Park in 1888 he is quoted as saying:

“It will be yours and so long as the land shall last it will be for you, and it is a great obligation that rests upon you as free people to see that no power, no combination, invades your right in the enjoyment of this great boon. It is emphatically the people's park and you must always take as much interest in it as if by your own hands you had planted the flowers; and if you take this interest in it, and if you thus rise to the full appreciation of its great beauty, and your great privileges, the park will be one of the grandest adornments of this beautiful country.”

Through the Centennial Parklands Sir Henry Parkes Bequest Program, you can help ensure that Sir Henry's vision is maintained and that the natural environment provided by Centennial Parklands is enjoyed by our children and grandchildren for many years to come.

The first 25 members of the Centennial Parklands Sir Henry Parkes Bequest Program will be acknowledged as Founding Members.


When considering a gift to Centennial Parklands Sir Henry Parkes Bequest Program in your will we recommend that you obtain financial advice to consider the most appropriate way to make your gift. 

Unencumbered gifts: by not specifying a particular area in which you may like your funds to be spent, you allow Centennial Parklands Foundation to allocate your generous gift to the area of most need at that particular time. 

Gift for a special purpose: in making your gift, you may wish to state the area in which funds should be spent. However, it is usually best to define a general area, such as conservation, horticulture, education or capital projects, as needs and circumstances often change over a period of years. 

Different types of gifts: you may bequeath a whole estate, or a percentage of an estate or a fixed sum. An estate may include property, equities or cash. A percentage gift allows you to share your estate among a number of beneficiaries without identifying items of property or amounts of money. These gifts avoid problems caused by inflation and fluctuations in property values or in the value of an estate. 

Specific gifts: you may wish to specify property, works of art or a sum of money - in fact anything of value - as your gift. Please be aware that in nominating a specific gift the value may be eroded over time by inflation.

Gifts of residue: together with providing for your family and close friends you may choose to give what is left of your estate to the organisations whose work you care about. 

Please talk to us about your intentions. It means we can ensure that your wishes are carried out, and if we know about your long-term arrangements, we in turn can plan for the future.


The Foundation recommends the following wording to be used when creating a bequest - please delete and fill in where relevant:

"I give and bequeath to Centennial Parklands Foundation ABN 77 324 415 576 for its general purposes [a specified $ amount], or [specified items], or [the residue of my estate] free of all duties, and declare that a receipt from an authorised officer of Centennial Parklands Foundation at the time shall be sufficient discharge for my executor(s) duty."


If you would like more information about Centennial Parklands Sir Henry Parkes Bequest Program please contact Centennial Parklands Foundation on (02) 9339 6653 or [email protected]